Choosing Orchid Bouquets for your Wedding

Choosing Orchid Bouquets for your Wedding

From venue to wedding flowers, the choices you make will set both the tone and the ambiance of the day. You may choose roses for a classically romantic wedding or calla lilies for a contemporary wedding. But if you are looking for the ultimate in elegant sophistication, the orchid may be the perfect selection. Orchid bouquets are timeless in their beauty, and add an element of grace to any celebration. Breen’s Florist has helped brides from Houston to Bellaire utilize this most exotic of blooms in their wedding flowers. There are thousands of species or orchid, but three varieties are generally used for weddings.  If you are considering the orchid, we are here to help you decide which is best.

The dendrobium orchid is a smaller, more delicate bloom than some of the other varieties, and is available in a vast array of colors. In weddings, the dendrobium is often seen gathered in large bunches for lavish centerpieces or venue decor. The sheer diversity of choice within the genus makes it an exceptionally popular choice for brides who wish to perfectly match their color palette for the day.

The cymbidium orchid is trending in wedding ceremonies this season, especially the exotic and eye-catching green cymbidium. This orchid pairs well with cream-colored flowers and also looks beautiful trailing down a white wedding cake. The cymbidium can either be monochromatic or exhibit a colorful pattern in the center of the bloom; the contrast makes for dramatic orchid bouquets.  Phalaenopsis orchids have large, broad petals which look like moth or butterfly wings. Perfect for bouquets, this variety also lends itself beautifully to corsages and boutonnieres as its larger bloom presents well on its own merit.

When it is time to consider your wedding flowers, call us for an appointment. Our bridal consultants will show you the flowers and help you to visualize what your orchid bouquets will look like; then help you to expand the orchid theme throughout the entire ceremony and venue. When it comes to Houston weddings, you can trust the expert wedding consultants at Breen’s Florist.

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